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A proven track record

Below are some of the comments from people who have benefitted from our services.

Jordan – Barley Twist customer

Jordan attends Barley Twist, one of our Work Based Training units, where he trains in catering and hospitality. Jordan initially attended the unit three times a week. Now he attends just once a week and the rest of his week is filled with other activities; he volunteers for a day a week at the animal charity PDSA and has paid employment at Burger King for three days a week.

Since attending Barley Twist Jordan’s confidence has improved greatly, and he now uses the skills that he learnt about food safety and hygiene in his job at Burger King. He is also now able to travel independently both to and from Barley Twist and Burger King as well as doing the things he enjoys with his spare time including attending the local youth club.

“I have made a lot of friends at Barley Twist and enjoy learning to cook things that I can cook for my mum and
sister at home. My favourite thing to cook
is rhubarb crumble.”

Briony Milne – private adapatations customer

Briony Milne, who has multiple sclerosis, has seen her life greatly improve with our help.  Briony recently moved into a new property with her husband and daughter and needed the help of our team to make everything more accessible. A team from ECL fitted a ramp and converted Briony’s bathroom into a wet room, including installing a shower and an adjustable wash basin that the whole family could all use easily.

Briony said: “The work was completed within a week - I couldn’t have asked for a better service.  I would recommend ECL to anyone. There’s no comparison between life before the work was done and life now.  Previously, I had to get my husband to help me into the bath – so I’ve got much more independence.”


Andrew - A customer at Chapter House Wellbeing Hub in Maldon

Andrew enjoys time at the centre twice a week, as well as joining staff and customers on trips into the community on another two days a week. On the remaining day, Andrew has begun to carry out work experience for an IT company which he enjoys and finds challenges him.

Andrew enjoys tending to the plants and vegetables growing in the centre’s garden, and learning how to use those vegetables in recipes that he can try for himself at home. Most days, he spends time with his key worker catching up on the latest news from around the world by reading the newspaper together. On a Monday afternoon, the staff and customers at the centre take the free bus through town to the sports centre where they play Boccia, an inclusive game that teaches coordination and tactical thinking.

“My favourite thing to do at Chapter House is ten pin bowling. It’s really good fun and I enjoy the competition between everyone. I like getting the bus to the bowling alley, I can now do that on my own at weekends as well.”

Andrew recently attended a training course at the centre which focused on understanding mental health, addiction, bereavement, depression and stress; this has improved Andrew’s confidence and ability to deal with his father’s illness. The course has helped Andrew express himself, understanding that bottling his feelings and emotions up and becoming angry is not the best way to deal with the situation.

“I really enjoyed the training and learnt to think about how I’m feeling. I’d like to do more courses like that.”

Through the activities that Andrew enjoys at Chapter House within the community, he is able to remain living independently in his flat in Maldon.