Daniel's Essex Carers ltd Story

At the age of 16, I began my journey with Essex Cares Ltd. (ECL) as a volunteer at Canvey Island Wellbeing Hub, where I volunteered for a few months - 2 days a week.

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Picture of care worker, Daniel Young, with a green background and quote to the left of him.

The manager there at the time gave me an opportunity to stay there as an apprentice to complete my NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care, partly funded by ECL.

The apprenticeship continued for 1 year and when June 2017 came around I successfully finished my level 2 and accepted an offer to do my NVQ Level 3!!

Now 18 years old, I am pleased to say that I am well and truly on course to completing my NVQ level 3 this December (2018).

A job came up at the hub in which I was unsuccessful in my application, however, that did not knock my confidence.

When I saw a job opening at Hesten Lodge Wellbeing Hub I applied and I am proud to say I was successful, given the chance by the hub’s manager Kirsty.

ECL have helped me gain the confidence and skills I needed to do the job which I will never forget.

For now I am on a new chapter with ECL as a Full time Community Support Worker, fitting into the team at Hesten really well hoping to learn a lot more and gain more experiences to reach my full potential.

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