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I was successful in my interview and impressed with how ECL came across as a company.

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I applied for the position of receptionist at one of ECL's wellbeing hubs in North Essex having seen the job online.

Received a call from Regional Business Manager, Debbie Edgell, who explained that having seen my previous work history she thought I would be ideal for the role of Community Care Assistant. I agreed that I would be happy to interview for the role. I was successful in my interview and impressed with how ECL came across as a company, I was not aware of the extent of ECL services having only relocated to the area recently.

Commenced my employment with ECL in May 2016, I was impressed with the training that was provided during my induction and meeting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Keir Lynch, on my first day was a good way of making staff feel that regardless of the size of the company we had a formal introduction and chance to ask questions with the CEO.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this role and although the team was small I could tell that everyone from the staff working in the office to the staff working frontline were very experienced and great to work alongside.

Having worked in health and social care for over ten years I was impressed with the knowledge and experience of staff across the board.

Having worked with the company for 6 months I was encouraged to progress within our team and take a secondment as an Assessment and Review lead. To have my potential recognised and be supported to learn a new role within the team was a fantastic feeling and I couldn’t wait to get started.

During my secondment a full time position became available; I interviewed for this and was successful. Months after starting the role, our new Short Term Support in the Community contract commenced and I was required to learn new skills and knowledge to be able to complete the role as a Trusted Assessor that would see an increase in workload and growth in the team.

I was then Trusted Assessor for 18 months and through support, confidence building and optimism of my line manager and the team as a whole I was persuaded to interview for the role of Local Business Manager.

I had wanted to develop myself and work my way up the career ladder in previous companies I had worked for but the opportunities did not present themselves.

Not only have I had the opportunities available for me to progress, I also work alongside people that make me feel that I was suitable for the role, giving me the push to apply and interview.

The journey has sometimes been difficult but worth every grey hair (25 and counting). I have enjoyed every role I have worked at with ECL and am looking forward to continuing my career.

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