Life as an Admin Assistant at ECL

Hello my name is Grace and I am an Admin Assistant for Essex Cares Ltd. (ECL).

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I have been working here for 8 years. I first started working for ECL in August 2009.

When I first joined ECL's corporate team I started by helping out in the HR team. When we moved to Seax House in Chelmsford, I started to work at the reception desk and continued to help different departments, which I still do.

I have a work schedule in which I work from when I am in the office, I find this very helpful. The tasks that are provided for me I find very enjoyable such as touch typing, photocopying, laminating, tidying meeting rooms, making teas and coffees, sorting the post, checking fridge temperatures, shredding AND writing blogs!

In the future I would like to become a PA for the manager of the Ireland national rugby union team.

I like working with everyone at ECL. I enjoy working with the Directors, who I assist. I always make Joe a good cup of tea and I enjoy working alongside my managers Linda and Alison.

I feel very supported from all my colleagues at ECL.

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