Life changing care for a local resident

Recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Rafaella arrived at the Crocus Wellbeing Hub, Takeley, fifteen months ago.

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Picture of Rafaella
Rafaella Whyatt

Hugh, Rafaella’s husband became worried as she had become withdrawn, lacked motivation and lost her confidence due to her condition.

Previous to being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Rafaella was fluent in English.

However, since her health started to deteriorate she reverted back to speaking in Italian – her native language.

ECL’s dedicated staff went on to not only care for her during the day but they undertook to learn some basic Italian, exceeding their line of duty, to try and gain Rafaella’s trust.

It took a few short weeks for Rafaella to start smiling, to become more sociable, eating and joining in with ECL’s day care centre activities.

She has since returned to speaking English, Rafealla engages with her friends who also attend the centre.

Rafaella’s husband is overjoyed with her progress and is glad she is not only enjoying her time at the centre, but knows that it is something she would want to do.

He is now able to relax and rest at home knowing Rafealla is safe and happy at ECL.

I would like to thank ECL and all their staff for the high quality of care that they have provided for Raffaella during her visits to the Crocus Wellbeing Hub in Takeley. Her visits to Crocus appear to have given her something to get interested in and I believe this has helped her to face life better.

Hugh Whyatt, Raffaella’s husband

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