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An important element of his progress was that David had consistency with the staff team supporting him, so that he built a trusting relationship.

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David lives alone in Worthing. His wife died five years ago.

After a long stay in hospital following illness, David had lost confidence in many of the day to day activities he used to do on his own. He was referred to ECL’s Community Reablement Service by his Social Worker for three care visits a day to support him with personal care and meal preparation.

David was motivated to get back to the independence he had before his illness. His care package started on 19 December and was expected to last 4-5 weeks but within just a week, his visits were reduced to once a day as he was managing his own personal care tasks.

As David was progressing so well, the care staff talked to him about changing the one call he had each day to mid-morning, so he could be supported to build his confidence going to the shop to buy a newspaper. His daily newspaper walk is something he took great pleasure in and provided him with a little exercise as well as a chat with the local newsagent. David was comfortable with this and as he regained his confidence, his calls were reduced to every other day.

On 12 January David was able to walk to the shop independently (meeting staff at the shop) to buy his newspaper. This was his final visit from ECL. He achieved his goals in just over three weeks.

ECL provides the Community Reablement Service in West Sussex supporting over 1,300 people to regain their independence and reduce the need for ongoing care.

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