Megan's Essex Carers ltd Story

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Megan's story

I started working at Maryland's day centre when I was 16 for an apprenticeship, at first I was very shy and I didn't know a lot about the job as id just come from school.

My manager at the time supported me a lot and so did other staff members and I really began to enjoy my time there. After my year was up I applied for the full time job which I got and I was very pleased about, I have loved meeting all of the customers and seeing new faces and the job itself, it has boosted my confidence and I feel as if I can help in any situation, all of my team members I get along with really well and I am very supported which I very much appreciate.

I now take the lead role a allocate daily tasks to other staff members which now I feel confident in doing I am also taking the lead in organising a harvest festival day. I have come a very long way since I was 16, I feel as though this job has helped me mature myself. Also I feel like I put some care and passion back into our community's which is a really nice feeling as I love to care for people.

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