CASE STUDY: Terry is independent with the help of ECL Sensory Service

Terry is learning to live with severely reduced eyesight after surviving a stroke two years ago.

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The 60-year-old married father-of-two from Danbury said: “It was a hard pill to swallow being told on the same day that your eyesight will never get better, and that you’ll never drive or work again.

“After the stroke, everything went back to normal fairly quickly. I had trouble with stuff like putting my socks on and needed a carer for three months, but most of my movement came back pretty quickly.

“When I speak I sometimes feel like I miss a few words out occasionally. But I can see, I just can’t see anything out of my left side and I can’t see downwards at all with both eyes.”

Terry had to quit work as a sales manager at Billericay Glass and quickly became isolated as his reduced vision made it difficult for him to leave the house.

But with help from ECL’s Sensory Service, he soon received vital training from vision rehabilitation worker, Hasmukh to learn to get around on his own with a cane.

“ECL came along with all sorts of gadgets, just little things to help me pour a cup of coffee without spilling it,” said Terry.

“They’ve always been there for me and although I had a panic at the start, I’m alive and I’m breathing, and more importantly, I’m independent.

“Without Hasmukhlal and his team I would still be stuck indoors. A lot relies on confidence and my new found patience, to stop me from sitting at home and festering.

“I’ve now got the confidence to get out and about and meet people. I have my fortnightly stroke club and I now sit on several support groups around the county, which keeps me out of trouble.”

If you or a loved one, needs that extra support please contact our Sensory Service, email or call 03330 133 262 for more details. Alternatively, textphone 01245 261715 or text 07921 397547.

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