ECL Canvey hosts Charity Day

A huge round of applause for ECL Canvey Island Day Centre who hosted their own Charity Day in aid of the Canvey First Responders.

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Customers at ECL Canvey Island enjoy Charity Day
ECL team (carers and carees) attending first aid and CPR training.

Customers from neighbouring ECL Benfleet - Heston and ECL Benfleet - Tyrells also joined in at the Charity Day and contributed in raising funds for the Canvey First Responders. There were plenty of games throughout the morning followed by family and carers participating in the afternoon with tea and cake! First Responders gave a brilliant demonstration and invited volunteers to put their learning to use. As you can see, there was no shortage of volunteers.

All in all a great day for a very worthy cause. Well done Canvey!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and took a great interest in the demonstration. We're so very pleased with the customers for trying the resuscitation and hopefully it will reduce any anxiety should they ever be in the situation for real. The day was definitely something we'd love to repeat soon.

Christine Pope, Local Business Manager, ECL Canvey Island

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