ECL helps break loneliness for Sylvia

Sylvia is now part of her community.

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ECL helps break loneliness for Sylvia

A few months ago, 78 year old Sylvia who suffers from dementia was pending most of her time at home with no one to talk to unless her family visited. Now she attends ECL Chelmsford - Charles Dickens in Chelmsford twice a week, where she spends time socialising, meeting new friends, goes out for day trips and engaging in stimulating activities.

Born in 1938, Sylvia later met her husband when she was 16 and married at the age of 20. A mother and a grandmother, Sylvia regularly sees her family when they visit her at home. She used to work for Essex County Council in the home help department for 10 years doing an admin role.

Sylvia said; “This centre has taken the loneliness of being at home completely away from me and I feel free. This service is a lifeline for people like me who need that extra support and care. My daughter was getting worried about me being on my own at home with no one to talk to. She started to look for a local centre that catered for people with dementia. Charles Dickens is perfect for me, they really care for us here.

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