Fun BBQ means more excitement for ECL customers

A lively summer BBQ was held at Roundwood Garden Centre, Braintrre, Bocking Wednesday 10th August.

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The event attracted over 70 visitors including customers, staff, parents, carers, family members, guests and friends. Visitors enjoyed a range of activities including food prepared by the customers with the support of staff prior to the event, refreshments, raffle, entertainment and lots more.

Entertainment was provided by The National Citizen Youth Service who had spent the week at Roundwood working on their gardening projects. One parent said; “Let’s do this again it was a very enjoyable afternoon.”

With the guidance and support of the dedicated team, trainees can achieve the vital skills needed to take that next step into employment.

If you are planning to host an event and struggling to find a suitable venue, look no further. Roundwood Garden Centre can cater for you. Call them on Tel: 01376 551728.

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