Graffiti art makes it’s mark in Saffron Walden

Customers at ECL (Essex Cares Ltd) Day Centre in Saffron Walden, have created an impressive art mural with the help of a professional street artist.

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Customers and graffiti artist thumbs up to the camera.

The idea come about after Emma Pumfrey, ECL customer, mentioned to a member of staff that it would look good to produce a piece of art that creates the illusion of looking through a sensory water tube.

As a result of the idea, local graffiti artist Scott Irving of Brave Arts accepted an invitation to help ECL’s customers create the mural on the wall of the centres art room.

I love the colours and it’s really bright.

Emma Pumfrey, Customer, ECL Saffron Walden

The mural depicts the view of the local church, with the multi-colour essence to give the sense of the view through the sensory tube.

Scott interacted really well with the customers and managed to get them really involved. I am proud of Emma’s idea and happy to see it come to life.

Phoenix Boreham, Community Care Assistant, ECL

Customers are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of the day centres, including the decoration of the rooms.

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