Independence opens outdoors

James from Canvey Hub talks about his personal story.

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Independence Opens Outdoors

James, 54, hopes to one day work at his local supermarket in Hadleigh, Essex. He knows that being independent will open doors for him.

James has developed a wide range of transferable skills at the Hadleigh Training Centre, a farm that trains people with learning disabilities in contemporary subjects such as IT skills, carpentry, and horticulture. This proved to be a very fulfilling experience giving James not only the opportunity for personal growth but the chance to make a difference by looking after the farm animals.

James said; “At Canvey Island Wellbeing Hub, I have picked up a lot of skills that I now use at home to help my mum. In the kitchen I prep food for lunch and the occasional flapjacks. I enjoy Boccia a lot, it’s a sport that makes me happy, keeps me active, fit and I can’t wait for the Paralympics to start.

“Once I start earning my own money, I will be able to buy my own clothes and not rely on some else. I want to be independent.”

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