Local Bookrest Café to support adults with learning disabilities into employment opens in Loughton

ECL (Essex Cares Ltd) opened their latest Bookrest café in Loughton today, attended by the Mayor of Loughton, Philip Abraham.

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Local Bookrest  Cafe opening in Loughton
From left to right; Charlotte Bissell, Zoe West, Tina Mays (back), Cllr Philip Abraham (Mayor of Loughton) and Sarah Bishop.

The cafes, based in local libraries, offer a range of opportunities for adults with learning disabilities with the long term aim of supporting them into paid employment.

Local Bookrest Cafe opening in Loughton 2

They give practical bite-sized training in customer service and the staff team offer hands-on training, advice on reaching goals and gaining an insight into every aspect of working in a café. The trainees are supported in money-handling experience as well as the health and safety essentials any potential employer would genuinely value.

Local Bookrest Cafe for adults with LD opening in Loughton

"I am delighted to be here for the opening of ECL's Bookrest Café. I hope that with the added benefit of this coffee shop, this building [Loughton Library] will continue to grow and become a real community hub."

Philip Abraham, The mayor of Loughton, Speaking after visiting the café and meeting staff and trainees
Mayor Philip Abraham visiting the cafe and meeting staff and trainees

"I am thrilled to see another of our Bookrest Cafes open. The opportunities provided in these cafes, with the local library provide invaluable interaction with the general public to develop skills that will support our customers when applying for employment opportunities."

Keir Lynch, Chief Executive, ECL

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