Social care eligibility criteria

To have eligible needs, your needs must be caused by or related to a physical or mental impairment (such as a brain injury or learning disability) or illness.

Social care eligibility criteria icon.

As a result of your needs, you must be unable to do two or more of the following things:

  • manage and maintain nutrition
  • maintain personal hygiene
  • manage toilet needs
  • be appropriately clothed
  • be able to make use of your home safely
  • maintain a habitable home environment
  • develop and maintain family or other personal relationships
  • access and engage in work, training, education or volunteering
  • make use of necessary facilities in your local community, including public transport and recreational facilities
  • carry out any caring responsibilities you have for a child
  • because of the above there is, or is likely to be, a significant impact on your wellbeing.

The definition of the word “unable” is important. The Care Act states that “unable” to do something actually means that without help, you would be in “significant pain, distress or anxiety”, or it would take you significantly longer.