ECL customer, Premal, 49, had ambitions of finding employment to become more independent and improve his confidence. He was delighted to be offered to be part of ECL’s Inclusive Employment programme, where Inclusive Employment Consultant, Sam Towns, would support him through the process of finding his dream role.


"I feel much happier. I would recommend it; I would tell others to go for it and to be happy."

Premal is very social, enjoying seeing friends and family and going out to play snooker, and he used to work as a cleaner for a care company, so he knew he wanted a job that would involve being part of a team.

Sam worked together with Premal to prepare for work and apply for a variety of roles that he was interested in, as Premal explains: “Sam supported me in preparing me to find employment. She made me a communication passport for employers to see and put an application in for me to get extra support through Access to Work.

“Sam applied for lots of jobs on my behalf, including a job at Argos, Savers and a receptionist and cleaning role. When she applied to the job where I now work at Becket Keys, I didn’t need an interview and I went straight into the induction process. Sam also supported me in completing all paperwork and taking in my documents to get my DBS completed. I felt happy and a little nervous to be offered the job.”

When Premal started his role as a cleaner at Clean Tech Services at Becket Keys, Sam helped to ensure that he felt comfortable and settled throughout his induction period by arranging the necessary documentation, dropping him off for the first few days, and creating a step-by-step instruction guide on how to complete his tasks.

Premal’s supervisor, Dejalee, has been impressed by the level of support Sam has offered: “The support Premal has received from Sam has been great. Sam has supported with me too, any concerns I have been able to contact Sam to get resolved. Premal has had a lot of changes whilst he has been here, we have moved him around to see what area will suit him best. He started upstairs cleaning classrooms, but it was a large area, so we asked him to clean the diner, which he has got on well. We have had to make a few changes, but Premal is managing well.”

And now that Premal is settled in his role he says he is pleased to be in employment: “I am happy that I am in employment. I have had a lot of changes with learning the different areas, but my workload has now changed, and I feel much happier. I would recommend it; I would tell others to go for it and to be happy. It has kept me busy.”

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