Since Rose was referred to ECL’s Sensory Service, they have supported her in regaining her confidence with daily tasks, as well as helping her to acquire sensory devices that have significantly enhanced her quality of life.


"The sensory team took the time to talk to me about my worries and anything that I was struggling with."

Rose explains: “When I moved to Essex three years ago, I was put in touch with ECL’s Sensory Service as I am registered with severe visual and hearing impairment.

"The sensory team took the time to talk to me about my worries and anything that I was struggling with. After I explained to them that I had been unable to use my hearing aids for years, they arranged for me to see an audiologist. I remember walking out of that appointment; I couldn’t believe I could actually hear the birds sing!

“With the support of the sensory team, I gradually gained the confidence to do more tasks around the house, such as preparing meals in my kitchen – they showed me how to cut things safely and which utensils to buy.

“I think one of the biggest ways the sensory team have helped me is by securing the funding for my OrCam MyEye glasses. A tiny camera on the side of the lens can read text, and an audio is output by the side of my hearing aid. The glasses even have face-recognition technology, which is really useful when I’m meeting up with friends. The best part is being able to hold a book for the first time in 20 years.

“The sensory team also secured fifty per cent of the funding for me to be able to purchase my Steamer Pro loop system, which connects wirelessly to devices like my mobile phone and television so that I can hear them better.

“The combination of technology and my guide dog Bramble improved by quality of life and freedom. I’ve now got the confidence to volunteer with the Sensory Service and I’m working with them to help improve the lives of others with sensory impairment in the region.”

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Our sensory impairment service supports people who have a sight loss, hearing loss or combined sight and hearing loss, to maintain independence and dignity in every aspect of daily life.

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