Win Hall is a lovely 100-year-old lady, who despite various health setbacks was determined to return to living independently in her own home.


"My confidence is improving all the time..."

Already living with multiple health conditions, including diabetes, kidney disease, and hypertension, Win was admitted to hospital in August 2020 with pneumonia. On discharge, Win went to stay with her daughter and was initially under the care of Responsive Services when, unfortunately, Win broke her toe and developed a urine infection.

Win was first referred to ECL’s West Sussex Reablement team on 27th September 2020 who visited each morning to assist with washing and dressing her lower half. During the following 6 weeks, Win made good progress, she was able to dress herself only needing help with putting on socks, and the Occupational Therapy team organised a shower stool so that Win could enjoy her first proper shower since leaving hospital.

By the beginning of November, plans were being made for Win to move back into her own home with an increased care package. However, Win then suffered another water infection that was unresponsive to antibiotics, so sadly she had to be re-admitted to hospital.

ECL’s reablement team re-commenced Win’s support when she was discharged to her daughter’s house from hospital on the 18th November 2020. The goals set were to practice safe mobilising around the home using a wheeled walking frame, and to achieve safe, confident, and independent showering and dressing. The team identified that Win was physically able to make speedy progress but needed help with building her confidence. Win was a delight to work with, she quickly built a good rapport with the ECL staff and was determined to return to her home.

Her hard work paid off, and within just one week of morning visits, the ECL team was delighted to report that Win had achieved all her goals and they were no longer needed.

On the 7th December ECL received the best news in the form of another referral to support Win back in her own home!

The reablement team is now working with Win to ensure she can transfer the independence she achieved at her daughter’s home, as well as being independent in managing her medication, preparing healthy meals, and toileting.

Win commented “my confidence is improving all the time, so much so that when my daughter visits, I used to dread her leaving around 16:30, but now I feel calmer and able to cope”.

ECL’s Local Business Manager, Katrina Januszczak added “Win is a delightful lady who proudly showed me her card from the Queen, and photos from her party to celebrate her 100th Birthday, which happened just before the first lockdown. Win has a very supportive daughter who I met when I took the photo. I was so impressed with this lady’s determination to get back home and be as independent as possible.”

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