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Josephine stands tall after Reablement service success

Our Reablement service has encountered many successful case studies, however when Josephine was referred after being in hospital for four months, her progress to date has been nothing but inspirational.

After being involved in a near-fatal car accident Josephine underwent surgery to remove both of her knee caps and as a result, lost all confidence and began to feel that her life would never be the same. Following discharge, Josephine was referred to the West Essex Reablement team in Harlow and with the combination of her own determination and the necessary guidance, finished the six weeks programme with a new found confidence.

After the initial assessment, equipment was installed and Josephine received regular home visits. Josephine said: “The daily visits from my Reablement worker encouraged me to improve bit by bit so by the next visit, I would be able to show how much I could do by myself. Knowing there is someone there who genuinely cares about your recovery makes you become more determined to keep going. This was really important to me as it not only gave me hope but it eventually restored my independence.”

After only six weeks, Josephine was back on her feet and had the confidence needed to self-care. Josephine explained: “To begin with I was really worried I wasn’t going to be able to move around the house or even stand long enough to shower. Even just having someone outside the bathroom door was enough to restore some confidence. It’s only been six weeks and I am able to climb the stairs to the bathroom and use the shower unaided. I have to admit that I miss having someone to chat to through the bathroom door though!”

Our Reablement service offers 6 weeks of support, starting with an initial assessment to determine the customers’ needs for a successful recovery. This includes safety assessments, equipment needs, and personal care assistance. The Reablement team will then develop a tailored care programme of visits specific to the customer’s needs in order to help them regain full independence. 

Unlike traditional home care, Reablement promotes customers to try and complete tasks with our support and working alongside our domiciliary support assistants, service leads and occupational therapists we assist with learning and re-learning skills needed in everyday life.

Joanne, Domiciliary Support Assistant from the West Essex Reablement team was one of Josephine’s Reablement workers. She explained: “Supporting Customers to achieve their personal goals within the six week Reablement period can be extremely rewarding.  Knowing that the support we provide can enable our customers to live the life they want and need – even confidence building with mobility and meal preparation is not only positive for the customer, it is rewarding to the staff.”

Josephine’s success is one of many case studies that we as a company prides itself on. By putting the customer at the heart of everything we do ensures that we not only deliver an outstanding service but our customers are happy.