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Sensory Service blog - Happy New Ear

Happy New Ear!

Yep, me again, Terri blogger extraordinaire!

Before you think of correcting my title please read on . . .

As many of you know my companion and guide Huffle, my beautiful, large German Shepherd Guide Dog had a haematoma operated on just before Christmas last year and this offending swelling was in his right ear. Yep, you’re ahead of me now. Well I’m pleased to say that the surgery was successful, the scar is healing and the hair is growing back. He will certainly be as handsome as ever in no time at all and therefore will be showing off his ‘happy new ear!’ 

Carrying on the animal theme, I have just found out that from February 19th it will be the Chinese year of the sheep, however on some information sites it says it is the year of the goat but for my purposes I shall stick with the sheep as I am hoping that this will mean delegates will be ‘flocking’ to our sensory service awareness training without so much as a ‘baa’ humbug.  Ewe will see that this theme is carrying on throughout this blog with no apology for ramming home the idea that we would like as many of you as possible to attend our sensory awareness training.  We can promise you a light-hearted but heart felt insight into the lives of sensory impaired people and I promise I won’t be woolly headed when asked those awkward questions or allow you to suffer from sheer exhaustion. However I will definitely dip into the thoroughly bountiful knowledge of my trainers Annette and Anita and the occasional sheepish grin from Jill my guide!

Huffle says I now have to apologise so . . .

Sorry . . . Happy New Year! 

Terri, Sensory Training Facilitator, Essex Cares

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