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Sensory Awareness Training is a hit

< Return to Blog list | Feb 17, 2015

When you’re asked to step in someone else’s shoes, how do you cope? For most, this is a difficult task but imagine being asked to go through your day without the use of your sight, hearing, or even both?

What was originally a gap in the market, Essex Cares Sensory Team have created a training course to not only educate about different sensory impairments but to immerse people into the world of individuals who live through this first hand.

The team consists of four trainers; Terri Sawkins, Annette Bodsworth, Carl Waters and Anita Sartain, who take you through the different impairments, implications and difficulties encountered. However, what makes this course completely unique is that each trainer has a form of sensory loss.

Throughout the day Terri, Annette, Carly and Anita, take you on a journey into their world, from stories of the past to the present day. Whilst addressing many serious issues, all three make light of the situation with many humorous quips and anecdotes.

With such beautiful and moving delivery, the ladies allow you to have a personal insight into what it is like to live with a sensory impairment. Props and tools are used to really emphasis the feeling of sensory loss and by the end of the day you are left with a completely different perspective of the world.

For details and bookings please telephone 01245 256380 or email

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