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The Essex Cares Blog

A day in the life of a totally blind person

Verily we are ‘marching’ into the year with a ‘spring’ in our step and generally ‘haring’ about preparing for the longer days and sunnier times.  A time when I too am starting to clear the garden in the happy knowledge that it is too early for the slugs to lie in wait for my unsuspecting fingers and the snails houses to be mercilessly but unwittingly converted to bungalows in one fell swoop (a sound which truly turns my stomach!):  Indeed in the wet weather my driveway does become the local snailway station! 

Sunday saw me weeding the patio and sweeping up leaves, a favourite way of avoiding the housework when a large drop of rain plopped onto my head warning me of the downpour to come, waiting for more before disappearing indoors I nonchalantly walked towards the back door in the happy knowledge of a job well done when I heard the familiar crunch which I hate so much, I knew by the sound that at least this shell had been empty but decided enough was enough and continued on to the door.  Later that evening I was putting the rubbish out when I put my toe on something which I did not recognise, I tapped it twice, listening for the sound of leaves or a plastic bag which might have escaped the bin but not recognising the texture decided to step over it and ask my daughter what was outside the back door.  Imagine my delight when she said with a squeal “It’s a hedgehog!” My delight of course was that I had not bent down to pick it up and the absolute pleasure in knowing there was one of nature’s natural slug deterrents right there at my feet!  We put some cat food down for the little soul now named Slugworth and left him to wander off back to his hidey hole. 

This as you can tell is just a way of my describing to you a day in the life of a totally blind person doing those mundane things we all do but always with a few added surprises.  If you want to learn more and undoubtedly hear more anecdotes please sign up for our popular and beneficial sensory awareness training, I can promise you a fun and educational experience! 

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