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Regain your confidence with our complete Reablement services

< Return to Blog list | Mar 13, 2015

It would be easy to presume that a local adult social care services provider like Essex Cares would focus purely on the provision of the best traditional home care, but this is far from the case - as anyone from the many who have benefitted from our renowned Reablement services would tell you. Not everyone wants a carer to come to their home and complete tasks for them - instead, they'd like to be helped to live more independently again for themselves.

This is very much the idea behind Essex Cares' Reablement services. These services take the form of short-term care designed to support you or your loved one in learning or re-learning the skills that are needed in daily life, perhaps after a spell of ill health or period in hospital. Our Domiciliary Support Assistants or Reablement Support Assistants, Service Leads and Occupational Therapists have the experience and skills to help with everything from getting in and out of a chair, to safety awareness advice for the service user and their carers to minimise the likelihood of a fall or avoidable accident.

There are all manner of everyday tasks that you or your relative or loved one may struggle with, such as the organisation of daily routines, preparing food or drink, shopping, laundry or using transport. These are all activities that we can help the customer to do more easily, confidently and independently here at Essex Cares, our Reablement services naturally being tailored to your most specific needs. We can even help you to regain confidence in independently carrying out such personal care tasks as washing, dressing and toileting.

Our Reablement service is offered in Essex and in West Sussex we offer our Regaining Independence Service, the latter in partnership with West Sussex County Council, and there are various ways of accessing it. Those currently in hospital will be visited by a hospital social worker or a member of our team prior to being discharged. It is at this stage that the Reablement service will be explained and the person's suitability for it discussed.

If you are currently receiving care but think that your support needs in future could be reduced with the help of such services, you are welcome to get in touch with our social work team for a more in-depth discussion of your current situation and goals. Alternatively, those who have not previously benefitted from a care service can get in touch with Social Care Direct - the phone number being available on our dedicated reablement services page, along with more information.