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Our home help equipment can significantly enhance quality of life

< Return to Blog list | Apr 20, 2015

As Essex Cares exists to help improve the independence and mobility of residents throughout the Essex area, it is only logical that we also offer the complete home help equipment service, designed to cater for the most specialised needs of our service users. We know that often, you will want to live life truly on your own, without constant assistance, or you may have a loved one with such a wish.

It is for such individuals that Essex Cares is proud to offer such a comprehensive range of home help equipment. You may simply need a small aid such as a commode, pendant alarm or perching stall, or you may be looking to have grab rails or a raised toilet seat installed. Others among our customers are appreciative of our highly dependable and efficient bath lifts, or may enquire about a full wet room.

These are all needs that we are all too happy to cater for here at Essex Cares, one of the county's premier suppliers of equipment and telecare for daily life. Having long provided an extensive range of social care and support services to residents of both Essex and West Sussex, we are well-placed to also provide the most appropriate home help equipment for the widest range of needs.

With the tailored help of our Equipment Service, you can look forward to greater mobility and safety in your home. We have an extensive warehousing facility in Colchester, where we stock more than 4,000 core products and undertake over 106,000 deliveries and collections every year across the Essex area.

Our in-depth home help equipment range also includes telecare products such as personal alarms and sensors, which can make all of the difference to your confidence when you live in your own home. Such equipment gives you the ultimate peace of mind as an independent adult, with our monitoring equipment being linked to your family or neighbours, meaning that they can be alerted if you require assistance.

Don't underestimate the worth of our home help equipment for your lifestyle as an adult wishing to continue living independently. For a more detailed discussion with our Equipment Service team, just use our online care locator to find the relevant contact details.

For moe information on the Equipmemt Service, please callĀ