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The Essex Cares Blog

Increasing confidence through work based training

Paul is a keen gardener who attends the Ashleigh Wellbeing Hub in Basildon five days a week, with two of those days in the garden and the other three in the main hub.

“I like the work and I like to be busy at all times otherwise I get bored easily. But that’s not the case when I come here. Without the team at Ashleigh and Gordon teaching me everything there is to know about gardening, I wouldn’t be where I am today; confident and happy.

The work we do for Winter Gardens Primary School and Canvey Town Council is exciting and I really like working with them. It shows that what we’re doing here is important. We even cut the grass for a local care home in Canvey, which is fun to do and it means we get to meet lots of people. Working here is my favourite part of the week.”

“I now live in a flat with a friend with our carers helping us. Coming to the hub has really helped me with my confidence, we even have group swimming sessions supported by the hub staff. I now travel on my own into town and do things like bowling which is so much fun.”

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