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The Essex Cares Blog

Guest blogger: Putting the OO in Snooze

After having a fantastic six days in Edinburgh where the disability awareness seems to be fantastic, for instance I spent several hours touring round Her Majesties’ Yacht Britannia with an audio hand-set which enabled me to mobilise around the yacht by myself!  I have now returned fresh and ready to face the world! 

Sticking with the sight loss awareness let me relate another snapshot of life in the Terri Sawkins, totally blind mother of two.  After many years of bringing up two children single-handed I decided it was time to treat myself to a new mattress for my bed, this in itself is no big deal but picture if you will said blind mother of two removing the old mattress for collection at 5:30 this morning in preparation for the delivery of the new one; I propped the old one downstairs in the hall leaving a space between the fridge freezer in the utility room and the front door. It was about this time that I remembered that I had not put the rubbish out for the bin men and rushed to the back door in order to gather said rubbish before I missed the collection, totally miss-judged the gap and walked headfirst into the fridge freezer.

After a moment spent artistically painting the air a pretty shade of blue I proceeded (a little more slowly) to put out the rubbish and continue with the preparation of my bedroom with that all too rare occupation of hoovering under the bed, dusting and generally titivating my bedroom. I had been informed that the new mattress could turn up any time from 7am and so was relieved to have completed all tasks by 6:45am.

Tired but content I sat heavily on the bed to congratulate myself . . . yep you got it . . . with no sight to aid my memory I sat heavily on the slats and sprawled in an undignified heap on the bed frame adding another coat of blue to the air before laughing at myself for forgetting something so obvious! I shall now add this story to the many regaled during our rather fantastic sensory awareness training which takes place at Newport House, Chelmsford every month and should not be missed!

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and look forward to ‘seeing’ you at future training sessions.  I promise it will be ‘eye opening!’

Terri Sawkins

Sensory Training Facilitator ECL