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The Essex Cares Blog

Introducing our Wellbeing Hubs

Here at ECL, the safety, wellbeing and independence of all of our customers are our greatest priorities. In addition to offering a wide range of community care services to improve the lives of people across Essex and the surrounding areas, we are continuing to invest in our Wellbeing Hubs to give our customers the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and grow their confidence.

Bringing together a range of services under one roof, our Hubs are designed with inclusion, independence and community in mind, enabling us to cater to a variety of people. It is through our Hubs that we offer valuable services to those with physical or learning disabilities or mental health conditions.

Our highly trained support team can help customers to maintain and improve their mobility, which not only helps to combat isolation and loneliness, but also encourages them to get involved in neighbourhood projects to the benefit of their wider community.

Across Essex, we have a range of fully-equipped Hubs for our customers to enjoy. Our Harlow Wellbeing Hub, for example, is the first of our Hubs to offer an integrated health and social care service and was designed to cater to a broad sweep of individual requirements.

Our Harlow Wellbeing Hub offers health and wellbeing activities such as cooking, hand massages, health support, cultural and diversity groups and healthy eating classes to educate and inspire our customers. Meanwhile, our sensory experiences, such as bingo, flower arranging, memory and board games, sensory stimulation and storytelling classes give visitors a chance to relax and unwind.

For those who enjoy the creative arts, our wide selection of activities – such as drama, painting, IT classes, model making, needlecraft, photography and pottery – guarantees something for everyone, and can help individuals to learn new skills and meet with like-minded people who become lifelong friends.

Fitness also plays an important role in mental and physical wellbeing, so we offer a range of exercise classes to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Boccia, chair fit, circuit training, dance, physical games, parachuting and yoga and meditation classes are all offered in our Hubs as part of our ongoing commitment to improving our customers' quality of life.

Finally, various community projects, such as bird walking, nature trails, lunch outings, rambling and shopping are designed to encourage individuals to make the most of their wider locality. This can be useful for building confidence and meeting new people, while also giving our customers the chance to find jobs and volunteering opportunities.

In addition to our flagship Harlow Wellbeing Hub, ECL offers a variety of local community hubs across Essex. If you would like to find out more about our Wellbeing Hubs or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the ECL team today.