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What do you need to know about our Wellbeing Hubs?

< Return to Blog list | Aug 31, 2016

ECL is dedicated to doing everything that it can to provide the most comprehensive range of care services – be it for individuals within the home, or across local communities. Home care packages aside, another one of our most cherished services comes in the form of our Wellbeing Hubs.

Bringing the community together

Each of our Wellbeing Hubs serves as a focal point for the local community in which it is based, offering space for use by community groups and the third sector. Each hub supports its customers to develop a wide range of independent living skills and promotes health and wellbeing, all in a safe environment, and through a selection of enjoyable activities.

Our Harlow Wellbeing Hub serves as one useful case study for this. This hub caters with distinction to those with learning, physical or sensory disabilities, older adults with needs, and those with dementia and their families. Customers and their loved ones can benefit from our cafe, a state of the art IT suite and many other ECL services.

Enjoyment for everyone

Our Wellbeing Hubs also offers a wide array of daytime activities that cater to a similarly broad range of needs and interests. Focussing on a number of key areas with the aim of retaining and learning new skills, building confidence and increasing physical and mental activity, customers who attend the hub can select from activities in a ‘pick and mix’ manner.

Health and Wellbeing, for example, offers everything from cooking and personal health support to activities surrounding cultural beliefs and diversity. Sensory work involves gardening, memory and board games, and storytelling among others, while Arts & Creative Expression lets visitors enjoy and experiment with everything from photography and fashion design to drama and singing.

Exercise and Movement promotes fitness and health with such activities as table and board games, yoga and meditation, and dance, while – lastly – Outdoor and Community projects encompass the likes of shopping trips, lunch outings and nature trails.

Get in touch to find out more about our Wellbeing Hubs

Whatever takes your fancy, in our Wellbeing Hubs, you will be supported and motivated to choose and participate in the activities and sessions that best suit your personal needs and aspirations.

To learn more about our Wellbeing Hubs or any of our other services, why not contact the friendly and professional ECL team today, call 0333 0135438 or email