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The Essex Cares Blog

Terri’s Dog Bytes

I have been requested by regular followers to write more about my German Shepherd guide dog Huffle; this 46 kilo bundle of love has a very high rating on the cutability scale and is a real focal point during our sensory awareness training. We have a regular session once a month and additional externally commissioned sessions throughout Essex and Huffle tags along without a whimper.  It is true that most Guide Dogs like a routine and regular routes to follow but Mr. Puff (as he is affectionately known) has proven that he is happy as long as he is with me and included in the fun!  

Several of our ‘escapades’ are described during the mobility/guide dog section of our training and signing up for these sessions would make an old dog very happy!  (Huffle would be pleased too!).

I hope to make this a regular blog for ECL so watch out for Terri’s Dog Bytes in future, who ‘nose’ what it will en’tail’!  

Terri Sawkins
Sensory Training Facilitator

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