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Blog: Work Based Training

< Return to Blog list | Sep 28, 2016

A key complement to our home care packages and related services are our Work Based Training opportunities that can do so much to provide the adults that we serve with invaluable time-limited work experience in a fully functioning business setting.

Here at ECL, we are proud to be able to boast Work Based Training opportunities across Essex, offering various forms of training to enable adults with learning disabilities to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence that they require to enhance their future employment chances.

Helping to give our customers a brighter future

Our trusty teams at the aforementioned sites offer training in industry sectors such as printing, recycling and packaging, horticulture, conferences and hospitality and catering, with each bringing rewarding opportunities to gain invaluable work experience and begin or advance a career.

Customers of a wide range of ages are able to take advantage of our training – even recent school leavers, who benefit greatly from our team's close work with colleagues in education and children's services, helping to ensure a smooth transition from academic into professional life.

Who knows what exciting career opportunities may loom on the horizon for you as a result of your time spent working in the cafe of one of our Wellbeing Hubs?

Why choose ECL's work-based training?

It's common knowledge that receiving advice, guidance and support when you wish to progress into voluntary work or paid employment helps you to accomplish your goals. It boosts confidence, happiness and expertise in a field of choice – be it gardening, cooking or manner of other fields in-between – and gets you one step closer to employment in a job that you will love.

Naturally, our team is fully trained, qualified and experienced in ensuring that your personal needs and wants are met during training, whether there are certain medical requirements that must be borne in mind, or simply preferences with regard to the activities that you undertake each day.

Our Work Based Training is available across Essex, although the exact nature of the available services and facilities varies by area. To find your nearest source of work-based training or if you have any further queries about the work that we do here at ECL, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to speak to us directly you can call our Contact Centre on 03330 135438. We can offer a convenient single point of contact for accessing the full range of ECL services.