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The Essex Cares Blog

Blog: Sight and hearing help

ECL offers help and care to people in the Essex and West Sussex area, regardless of their age or disability, with a goal to help all of our customers to enjoy productive and fulfilling lives. Disabilities shouldn't hold someone back from living a normal and rewarding life.

You or a loved one may have sight or hearing impairments or a combination of both. Whatever your specific needs, we can provide:

  • mobility training
  • advice on audio-visual equipment
  • communication assistance
  • guide assistance

This can help you live a happy and independent life.

Mobility training and assistance with communication

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to rely on someone to look after you, which is why our objective is to empower you to travel and function on your own without being left feeling helpless or isolated.

Our sensory services can help you or someone you love to carry out day-to-day tasks with a greater sense of independence, overcoming the adversity that you face when one of your senses is compromised.

ECL provides mobility assistance for people with impaired sight, both in the home and on the street. Our guiding services help our customers to gradually become accustomed to walking from place to place alone.

Our trained support workers can accompany those in need of care to make sure they don’t have any accidents while walking. We will also provide help with communication, so that you can talk naturally to other members of your community.

Blind and deaf people can find it harder to integrate with other members of their community who don’t share their impairments, so our guidance services aim to assist them to become more involved in their community and stay social.

Our sensory services can aid in reablement at home, travelling and socialising, while giving the customer a much greater sense of independence.

Receive the help you need with ECL

These are just a few of the ways in which ECL can assist our customers with daily living skills and enable them to live happier, healthier and more independent lives, whatever the nature of their disabilities. We can aid our customers with their communication skills, plus provide counselling and assistance with different types of equipment.

To learn more about our guiding services or any other service that we can offer to customers with sight or hearing impairments, take a look at our Sensory Service page, where you will also find contact information, case studies and details about our available facilities.