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Blog: Keeping our customers safe and independent at home

< Return to Blog list | Nov 23, 2016

Adjusting to home life can be difficult for older people or those with physical or learning disabilities and it can be both frustrating and upsetting for them to constantly need someone present in their home to take care of them.

Here at ECL, we wish to make sure that people in need continue to lead rich and fulfilling lives and retain their independence.

We offer services that can enable them to go about their daily lives when they are having trouble coping at home, also ensuring that they stay as safe as possible in the event of an emergency.

Helping those in need to regain their independence

Our services aim to help our customers to retain their independence and take care of themselves without constant supervision, which makes them ideal for those who have recently lost their spouse or left hospital after a lengthy stay.

We provide services relating to reablement at home, working with occupational therapists and social care workers who help to evaluate the equipment with which our customers may be made safer at home. Our dedicated Regaining Independence service programme can support our customers over a maximum of six weeks to help them to live independently.

Our telecare response service

Accidents in the home can lead to tragedy when no one is present to spot them. To maintain the customer’s independence and increase their safety at the same time, we have a 24-hour team of telecare operators that can assist with any troubles arising at the household.

Our telecare service utilises equipment that can detect potential threats or sense long-term inactivity or when someone has fallen. We have trained staff available 24 hours a day, every day throughout the year who are prepared to respond as quickly as possible to any emergency.

We can also supply and fit all of the necessary equipment to detect these emergencies. ECL provides and installs several types of safety measures for houses, including bath lifts, grab rails, pendant alarms and other personal alarms.

Ensure your loved one's safety with ECL

We can install the equipment necessary to keep our customers out of harm's way so that they don’t need a family member or support worker to shadow them in their day-to-day activities.

These are just a few of the services that we can offer to our customers. To learn more about our reablement services, feel free to visit one of our Wellbeing Hubs or give us a call.