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Our community outreach services help to prevent Christmas isolation

Nobody should ever be left feeling lonely regardless of their age, disability or other circumstances. This is a message that has even greater resonance as Christmas nears and here at ECL, we work hard to ensure that no one goes through the holiday season feeling isolated or unwanted.

Whether you or someone you know is living alone and requires support, ECL can help you to learn invaluable skills for living independently among likeminded people.

Teaching critical skills

Our home care packages and outreach services allow us to visit our customers’ homes and provide them with support in their everyday tasks, such as basic home cleaning, plumbing and gardening.

Outside the home, we’re on hand to assist with other important daily tasks, such as accessing public facilities like libraries, shops and clubs. We’ll also help you to get to work regularly and assist in proper timekeeping for necessary appointments.

ECL can teach these skills regardless of the disability of the individual. We provide the same level of care for elderly customers as for those with learning or physical disabilities. Our sighted guides provide particular care for those who are partially sighted or blind.

Not only do we teach our customers the vital skills they need for independent life, such as how to cook, shop for goods or read through bills, but we also give them a friend. Our one-to-one support workers are friendly and more than happy to help in any way. We’re more than just teachers; we’re companions too.

ECL can offer you excellent outreach services

Here at ECL, we are happy to send a team leader to assess your individual needs and assign you a worker to help you with building your skills inside and outside the home. We commonly appoint a primary and secondary operator to one person to help provide a consistent service and make sure our customer has some company more often.

Feel free to contact us now to learn more about the work that we do in your local community.