ECL Community Equipment

Privacy Notice

What Information does ECL hold about me?

We only collect and use the minimum personal information required to deliver your service. The services may use some or all of the personal information below:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Details
  • Address
  • Next of Kin information
  • Financial Information (Private customers who pay ECL directly)
  • Health conditions including diagnosis from professionals involved in your care
  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Other persons/professionals involved in your care
  • Others persons/professionals involved in your care
  • Religious beliefs
  • Registration number (from dashcams fitted in vans)
  • Location details (from trackers and dashcams)

How did ECL get my information?

Initially this information is provided to us by a referral received from the Local Authority or health partners, this is then used to create a file for our records about our interactions with you whilst you are receiving a service from ECL.

Items purchased privately the information is gathered from the customer.

Dashcams fitted throughout out fleet will capture the images of people, vehicles and locations our vehicles have driven through and attended to deliver services.

Location and vehicle information is also captured through our trackers.

How does ECL use my information?

We use your information to deliver your service.

If you have purchased goods or services from us we will use your information to charge for any work carried out.

Information from dash cams may be used in the event of an incident occurring that is required as evidence.

To send you a text message on the day before and the day of your delivery

Who does ECL share my information with?

We may share your personal information with the Local Authority or other health professionals as part of our contract with them and to share outcomes at the end of your service with ECL.

Information in relation to accidents may be used when an incident occurs and this may need to be shared with insurers and police.

We will share your information with our third party supplier when you request to receive a text message in relation to the service provided by ECL.

Does ECL use anyone else to process my information?

ECL uses a system called UNIQUS provided by assistive partners provided by ELCOM to store your personal information, this system records the details of stock, delivery and collection of equipment.

We use third parties to subcontract some of our work these are as follows:

  • Besure
  • Stannah
  • Mountfield

We use Mountfield to service our hoists and complete work outside of usual working hours should an issue arise.

Our vehicle cameras and associated tracking systems are provided by Webfleet.

We use Clicksend via our contract with ELCOM to provide us with the service to send you a text message informing you of your delivery/collection.

Who is the Data Controller for my information?

You have been referred to ECL from a Local Authority or Health Partner in these cases Essex County Council who are the Data Controller.

If you have come directly to ECL to purchase goods/services then ECL is the data controller.

In relation to the footage and data taken by the Dashcams ECL is the data controller.

Referrals from out of area the local authority/health care provider will be the data controller for this information.

Will my personal information be accessible outside the UK?

None of your personal information is routinely sent or stored outside the UK. The information used to provide the text messaging service is sent to a third party supplier (clicksend) who are based in Australia.

Information gathered by Webfleet is stored within the EEA in Germany

How long does ECL keep my information for?

To look at how long we keep information, you can view our retention schedule here How long we keep information for varies from months to several years’ dependant on the record type.

Your rights

Should you wish to know more information about the rights available to you please click the link below:

Reasons we can collect and use your personal information

When we collect your personal data, we rely on the following legal bases:

  • processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract

When we collect your ‘special categories of personal data’, (such as health, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation) we rely on the following legal bases:

  • processing is necessary for the provision of health or social care or treatment or the management of health or social care systems and services

If you have any concerns or questions about how we use your personal information, you can speak with our Data Protection Officer.