Personal support in the community and at home

If you find it difficult to access your local community, want to remain independent or need support to gain confidence, we can offer you tailored support to access the community and do the things that you enjoy.

Enjoy more independence and confidence

We aim to encourage independence, increase social activity and assist daily living through support that includes:

  • Accessing facilities such as libraries, clubs and shops
  • Undertaking leisure activities including walking in the park or visiting places of interest
  • Support with daily home tasks such as assisting with the weekly food shop
  • Assisting with gardening tasks, planting up and other outdoor activities
  • Help and encouragement to revisit past or new interests
  • Help to make and attend appointments
  • Support by specialist sighted and communicator guides
  • Safeguarding individual finances through close partnerships with the Essex Guardians

After an initial visit to understand your individual needs, you will be allocated a primary and secondary worker matched to your personality and interests.

We aim to give you consistency in those providing your support and the ability to build relationships over time.

Tailored to your own needs

After completing an initial assessment, we offer a free trial visit so that you can see how the service could work for you and the value it represents.

Support can be purchased from ECL either directly from your own funds or using your social care personal budget/direct payment.

The service is priced at a competitive hourly rate and where applicable, mileage incurred during your appointment will also be charged.

Our services are available Monday – Friday. Usual hours are from 9:00 am – 5:00pm, however we offer flexibility to allow for things such as early appointments.

Sessions can be booked for a minimum of 30 minutes, up to a full day. You can book us for a one-off session for a particular activity or regular weekly/monthly support.

For more information

Please call us on 03330 135 438 or email