How to access our services

We support people who have been referred by their local authority, those in receipt of a direct payment, personal budget, personal health budget and those who are funding their care and support needs privately.

Private Customers

Many of our service are available for you to purchase directly from us.

You can attend our Day Opportunities centres for one-off sessions or regular daily/weekly/monthly sessions.

To find out more call us on 03330 135 438 or email

Social Care

You can apply to have your needs assessed for free through your local council. Under law you have a right to be assessed for care by your local council if:

  • You appear to have care and support needs
  • You are caring for someone with care and support needs
  • You already have help from the council but you think your needs have changed

You can approach your council yourself, or be referred by someone you know, or by a professional who is already involved in your care, such as a GP, community nurse, or mental health nurse.

If you're being referred by someone else, that person should have discussed and agreed this in advance with you.

For services in Essex please contact Essex County Council on 0345 603 7630 or visit

For services in West Sussex please visit