Active Support at ECL

Active support is a way of providing assistance to people which focuses on making sure they are engaged and participating in all areas of life.

Instead of doing things for people or to people, we work with them, so they can take part in everyday activities, regardless of their level of disability.

This technique helps to give the people we support more control, improve confidence and increase independence.

Our Active Support approach involves:

  • Supporting customers to be engaged through every day, familiar tasks and activities, such as shopping, preparing meals or socialising with friends.
  • Breaking activities and relationships down into a series of steps and identifying the parts that the customer can do for themselves, those they can do with help and those they need done for them. This enables customers to be involved in ways that work for them, even in small parts or over some time.
  • Providing the right amount and type of support at the right time – too much and the customer will be ‘over-supported’ and hindered in their independence; too little and they may be unable to complete tasks effectively.
  • Looking for opportunities for the customer to express their choice when it comes to relationships and activities and ensuring these preferences are listened to and acted upon in order to enable as much control as possible.