Funding & Benefits FAQs for Inclusive Employment Candidates

Back to topWill money coming from employment mean that the Local Authority will pay less towards the funding of my care package?

No, income from employment should not be taken into account when assessing the contribution, you need to make for your care.

Back to topWill being employed affect my benefits?

Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Disability benefits such as Disability Living Allowance and PIP should not be affected by employment. They are not means tested so earnings do not affect the amount of your benefit.

However, starting work would be considered as a change in circumstance so you will need to inform the DWP of this. Starting work could actually mean your care or mobility needs increase.

Universal Credit

If you’re employed, how much Universal Credit you get will depend on your earnings. Your Universal Credit payment will reduce gradually as you earn more – usually for every £1 you earn your payment reduces by 63p.

However, it is possible that some of your earnings (up to a maximum of £512 per month) will be disregarded by applying for Work Allowance. This means that under the following circumstances you can earn a certain amount before your Universal Credit is reduced.

If you or your partner are either:

  • responsible for a child or young person
  • living with a disability or health condition that affects your ability to work.

Your work allowance is lower if you get help with housing costs.

Your circumstancesMonthly work allowance
You get help with housing costs£292
You do not get help with housing costs£512

You can use the benefits calculator on to see how increasing your hours or starting a new job could affect what you get.

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

If you are receiving ESA you can earn up to £140 per week after tax and National Insurance deductions if you are participating in a Supported Employment Scheme, such as the one run by ECL.

For the latest information go to If you are in any doubt about the effect earnings from employment will have on your benefits, ask your Inclusive Employment Consultant.

Back to topWill I receive any funding or grants to help me access work?

Access to Work is a publicly funded employment support programme that aims to help more disabled people start or stay in work. It can provide practical and financial support if you have a disability or long term physical or mental health condition. How much you get depends on your circumstances. The money does not have to be paid back and will not affect your other benefits.

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