Learning disability

With 28 centres across Essex, our ECL Day Opportunities service provides a nurturing environment where you can meet new people, learn new skills and try new things. We ensure that your support needs are met in a personalised and flexible way so that you can live as independently as possible in your local community.

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How we can support you

We provide an ‘enabling’ environment consisting of:

  • Community and centre-based activity programmes with customer choice at the heart of our timetables.
  • ASDAN programmes. We work in partnership with ASDAN to provide flexible and engaging programmes and qualifications to help you develop skills for learning, work and life.
  • Digital solutions such as touch-screen displays, interactive projection equipment, sensory equipment and specialist applications to support communication, choice, control and progression.
  • Specialist equipment and purpose-built rooms to support personal care and enabling independence.
  • Sessions in skill development e.g. travel training, healthy eating and independence skills.
  • Therapy led programmes e.g. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration.
  • An in-house Clinical Team such as Positive Behavioural Specialists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists.

We also offer vocational work-based training to enable adults with learning disabilities to gain knowledge, skills and confidence.

Our approach to person-centred care

  • Our Trusted Assessors work with you to develop support plans tailored to meet your needs and personal goals.
  • We practice Active Support, providing a stimulating environment which encourages development, engagement and social interaction.
  • Our highly skilled staff team create a warm, happy and positive atmosphere and receive ongoing training which enhances the support they can provide to you.
Vocational work-based training

Learn work based skills which can lead to employment, volunteering or to a more enriched life. At the end of your time with us, we will support you to take that next step towards a job.

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Take a look at the services offered at each of our Day Centres. Each of our 28 centres have their own website location page, so it is worth browsing through to see which may suit your needs.

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