Why choose ECL?

ECL offer a unique service to cater for all adults with learning disabilities. As the largest care provider in Essex, we are wholly owned by Essex County Council and continuously invest in our services to ensure we can offer the best possible environment for our customers.

We offer

  • Vocational work-based training with professional accreditations such as ASDAN and City & Guilds.
  • Fully functioning social enterprises in which to gain skills and real-life work experience.
  • Digital solutions such as touch-screen displays, interactive projection equipment, sensory equipment and specialist applications to support choice, control and progression.
  • Specialist equipment and purpose-built rooms to support personal care and enabling independence.
  • Community and centre-based activity programmes with customer choice at the heart of our timetables.

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Our customers

  • Each year our customer base is growing and last year alone 50 new younger customers joined us which has helped to breathe new life into our centres.
  • 97% of customers would recommend us to friends or family.
  • We take the personal outcomes our customers want to achieve with us very seriously. Every single customer has a personal development programme and a set of goals, developed with an ECL Trusted Assessor and reviewed regularly with the customer and their family:

‘Sally had been attending our Day Centre two days a week, for a number of months. She expressed that she would like to learn skills to enable her to earn her own money. Sally was supported by the ECL team to engage in activities around her interests of food and cooking. Sally started by partaking in cooking sessions and soon became proficient to a level where she was able to transfer one of her sessions to a vocational work-based training centre to learn greater skills around catering for the public. Sally now undertakes all her day sessions there and is moving towards her goal of paid employment in the catering industry. Our aim is to always help our customers progress and work towards reaching their goals.’

Our staff

  • Are happy working for ECL – over 90% intend to still be working for ECL in 12 months’ time.
  • Are paid more than the industry average, receive attractive benefits and are offered flexible working.
  • Are highly qualified, they are Care Certified or have an equivalent qualification on joining us.
  • Receive ongoing mandatory and additional training in multiple disciplines including First Aid, Autism and Learning Disability Awareness, Epilepsy, Safeguarding, Medication administration, Systematic Instruction (TSI) and many more.
  • Include in-house experts such as Active Support Coaches, Positive Behavioural Specialists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists and trainers in ASDAN.