Dementia friendly environments

At ECL, careful consideration has been given to dementia friendly environments for our older people, contrasting colours are used to differentiate between different surfaces, levels of thresholds or hazards.

Older man shaking hands with his care worker.

Innovative approaches include providing ‘therapy zones’ such as a baby’s nursery with dolls, where a person can fulfil their desire to care and nurture, cafés where individuals can ‘buy’ a coffee and socialise, and special bus stops that provide customers with dementia, a safe and familiar place to sit, helping to keep them calm and stop them from wandering (known as walking with purpose).

Full size ‘wayfinder’ stickers are used to help create the illusion of environments such as a post office or sweet shop, prompting reminiscence and conversation, while evocative scents from a diffuser such as baby powder, baking bread, popcorn and furniture polish can trigger powerful memories.

Holistic therapies

Some of our customers experience stress and anxiety, so our programme of holistic therapies consisting of hand massages, relaxation, doll and pet therapy could help alleviate these feelings.

Digital innovation

At ECL we strive to improve our customer experience and have recently introduced innovative motion-activated technology to stimulate sensory experiences.

This is ideal for our older customers and offers a different and enjoyable way to engage.

Using our innovative equipment can unlock memories from the past through reminiscence activities, help customers stay connected and improve hand and eye coordination.