Repair or Replace

If your equipment stops working it should be possible for it to be either repaired or replaced if it has been provided to you by ourselves or Essex County Council and your details are on our system.

If we have issued you with the equipment within the last five years and there have been no significant changes to your environment or circumstances, then we should be able to arrange for a repair to take place or for a replacement for you.

If we issued you with the equipment over five years ago or if there have been significant changes to your environment or circumstances then we will need to re-assess in your home to ensure the equipment is meeting your needs before we repair or replace.

Either way please contact us if you are worried that your equipment is not working, is no longer suitable for you or if you need it moved to another location.

Please note that the equipment you receive as repair or replacement may differ from the original due to changes in supplier or manufacturer but you can rest assured it will do the same job.

We are unable to assist with any equipment you have that has not been directly provided by ourselves but will always be happy to help with advice and information where we can.