5 ways to foster autism acceptance: a guide for being considerate

It’s Autism Acceptance Week, a national campaign from the National Autistic Society to encourage everyone to think about how we can make the world a friendlier place for people with autism.

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Autism, a condition that affects how people's brains work, comes with its own challenges and strengths. But by being more understanding and kind in our interactions, we can really help people with autism feel valued. Here are five simple ways we can do that:

Make spaces more comfortable

Some people with autism find certain things, like bright lights or loud noises, overwhelming. To help them feel more at ease, we can make spaces more comfortable. That might mean dimming the lights, turning down the volume, or creating quiet areas where people can take a break if they need to.

Be patient and understanding

People with autism might do things a little differently or take longer to understand things. It’s important to be patient and understanding. Remember, everyone experiences the world in their own way, and what might be easy for you could be hard for someone with autism. So, let’s be patient and kind.

Respect personal boundaries

Just like anyone else, people with autism have their own boundaries. They might not like to be touched or might need more personal space. It’s important to respect these boundaries and be mindful of what makes them comfortable.

Talk clearly and simply

When talking to someone with autism, it’s best to keep things simple and clear. Sarcasm or fancy language can be confusing. So, use straightforward language and be clear about what you mean.

Include everyone

It’s vital to make sure that everyone feels included. That means creating activities and events that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s art, sports, or just hanging out, make sure that people with autism have the chance to join in and have fun too. You should consider all the above tips when planning activities or events to ensure they are suitable for someone with Autism.

During World Autism Acceptance Week and beyond, it’s important to all do our bit to be more understanding and considerate. By being kind and accepting, the world can become a better place for everyone, no matter who they are.

For more information and ways you can get involved in Autism Acceptance Week visit autism.org.uk.

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