A day in the life of… Rebecca Ferris Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

We spend a day in the life of our Speech and Language Therapy Assistant, Rebecca Ferris.

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Rebecca has finished her education and started working in a childcare setting, as originally, she wanted to pursue it. She did her Early Years Level 3 certificate at a nursery and always dreamt of getting a university degree.

She began her Speech and Language Therapy journey with ECL as an apprentice.

Rebecca joined us in June and recently started her four-year part-time degree at the University of Essex in Speech and Language Therapy.

Here’s what she said about her role:

“As the Speech and Language Therapy Assistant, I work closely with my manager Jennifer, who’s a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and Clinical lead for ECL.

“We liaise with the NHS; help review customers and make sure all resources – which we make - are implemented within the services.

“I’m really enjoying my role - it’s really good!”

What does a typical workday look like for you?

“My workday differs every single day!

“As a part of the clinical team, we travel throughout Essex – we work with all ECL sites. Some days I could be just making resources, giving feedback to staff, while on other days, we could do reviews for customers.

“We also deliver workshops to help staff with different customers.

“Every day is different, but there is obviously a lot to it.

“With me now beginning my university course, I have started to bring ideas into the team which is really nice.”

What do you love about your job?

“While I am the assistant practitioner and my pathway is focused on Speech and Language, I am also able to collaborate with a lot of other staff members that have a different focus and so I am continually learning new things.

“I love the diversity of work that this role provides and learning from what other people are doing within their roles as well.”

Would you recommend roles in your department?

“Yes, definitely! I would recommend working in my department 100%.”

Rebecca has settled in very well.

It’s really nice to have an apprentice to build up our clinical team. It’s an exciting time as our team is growing and developing.

We are all learning together in this unique environment, as a clinical team we support Day services with speech and language needs along with partnership working with other clinical professionals within ECL and externally.

Jennifer Whitaker, CLIN Clinical Lead and Rebecca’s manager, ECL

Rebecca Ferris Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

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