Brave Community Care Assistant, Paula, saves couple from blaze

Earlier this month, Paula Wilcock, who works as a Community Care Assistant for ECL in West Sussex, was attending a customer’s home when a house fire broke out.

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Paula Wilcock

Paula was in the customer’s bedroom, transferring him into bed when she heard his wife shouting out from the kitchen. When she went down to check, Paula discovered the woman was trying to extinguish a fire, but it was rapidly spreading, and it was clear that they were going to be unable to tackle it.

Paula quickly responded to the situation by helping the woman and their pets out of the property, while calling the emergency services. She then bravely made the decision to return to the property to hoist the customer onto a wheeled commode and transfer him to the back of the conservatory entrance. She was unable to physically lift the customer and the commode over the threshold, but fortunately the fire brigade and ambulance arrived in time to get him out.

All three were checked by paramedics and thankfully, despite being shaken, there were no injuries incurred, and the fire crew advised Paula that if it hadn’t been for her heroic actions, the couple and their pets may have not survived.

Bente Wilson, Regional Business Manager for ECL’s Reablement Service is West Sussex has praised Paula for her bravery:

We all admire Paula’s bravery, cool thinking and courage in assisting the couple and their pets to safety after discovering a fire inside their home. Paula’s quick actions saved them from serious harm and we are all so proud of her.

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