Clacton MP impressed by Inclusive Employment in action

Conservative MP for Clacton, Giles Watling met with an inclusive employer in Clacton recently as a show of support for an initiative that helps adults with learning disabilities and autism achieve their dreams of paid employment.

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Giles Watling MP visits Inclusive Employer Sunrise Holiday Homes

Giles Watling visited Sunrise Holiday Homes who has taken on ECL Inclusive Employment candidate and Clacton local Brian Scott as a Maintenance Assistant.

A collaboration between Essex care provider ECL and Essex County Council, the Inclusive Employment service sources employment opportunities for adults with a learning disability or autism across the county, as well working to change employers’ attitudes towards inclusive recruitment.

ECL approached Sunrise Holiday Homes about a position for Brian, who was looking for paid employment and had previous experience of working as part of a maintenance team.

It was fortuitous timing for the family run mobile home and log cabin specialist dealership who needed an extra pair of hands to help out with the maintenance of their showground.

Giles Watling said: “I had the most amazing visit at Sunrise Holiday Homes, it was a pleasure to meet enthusiastic Directors, Georgia and Lucas, and to meet their employee Brian and see how well he is doing in his role. The link up that ECL has arranged here is fantastic. Brian loves his job, and his cheerful personality and excellent work ethic make him an asset to the Sunrise team.

“You’ve got one happy employee and one very happy employer. Inclusive Employment is about matching people with learning disabilities and autism with real job opportunities that allow them to make the most of their skills, and it was great to see it in action. I encourage all businesses in the area to become inclusive employers and see the benefits for themselves – there is a vast underused resource here!”

ECL’s specialist Inclusive Employment team matches talented individuals to meet the needs of the business, creating a successful working relationship that enables the candidate to develop their skills and achieve their goal of becoming more independent.

Lucas Smith, Managing Director at Sunrise Holiday Homes said: “We really needed an extra pair of hands and when ECL approached us it was a no brainer. A member of our family is autistic, and we know first-hand what a difference it can make to people with learning disabilities and autism to have a purpose, and to feel proud of what they have achieved. Being able to provide that to someone was the most exciting aspect of being an inclusive employer. And the fact that it’s been such a success is even more exciting because hopefully we can demonstrate to other employers how fantastic the initiative is and encourage them to get on board.

“To other employers I would say open your mind and keep it open, it costs nothing to try and ECL give you all the free support you and your employee need. ECL make it very easy for the employer in my opinion, and it’s so rewarding to see the fulfilment the individual gets from their work. Try it and you will be surprised.

“Brian settled in really quickly and is a real asset to the team. Tuesday’s when Brian is working is our happy day as we all love having him here so much. He’s my hardest working member of staff and is the only one I have to tell to stop working! Brian’s family have said that working here has had a positive impact on his life at home which to me, is the biggest reward. I hope that we can take more people on through ECL as our company grows.”

ECL provides on-the-job coaching and mentoring for as long as is needed to ensure that both the individual and the employer have the best experience.

Speaking about working at Sunrise Holiday Homes, Brian said: “I’ve worked here over a year now. I’m happy - I love coming in and I’ve made lots of friends.”

Inclusive Employment benefits the individuals and employers equally. The employee gains independence (personally and financially) and gets a level of job satisfaction that enhances confidence and provides a sense of purpose. Employers get to diversify their workforce, benefitting from access to a wider talent pool and a reduced staff turnover. Inclusive employment candidates are loyal, reliable and have an infectious enthusiasm which can boost productivity and improve morale across the whole workforce.

If you are a local business that is interested in becoming an inclusive employer please contact Sue Wray, ECL Inclusive Employment Business Manager by emailing

To find out more about ECL’s Inclusive Employment Service, see

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