Essex Sensory Awareness Week

This year we celebrate the very first Essex Sensory Awareness Week.

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It has been created to enable the partner organisations within the Essex Sensory Community to work together to raise awareness of sensory impairments and of the services available to people living with sight and / or hearing loss in Essex.

Reaching out

Essex has the second largest population of sensory impaired people for any county in the UK, over 200,000 people. We would like to reach out to more people and their families as we know the information, advice, guidance and wide range of support we can provide can change people's lives.

If you'd like to talk to someone about your sight and / or hearing then please do contact us for an informal chat by phone, email, textphone or SMS. Or if you've got a friend of a family member of any age who may benefit from some information, advice or support please let them know about us and encourage them to contact us, or feel free contact us on their behalf. Find our contact details at the end of this page.

You can help us by...

Spread the word - pass on this information to everyone you know to help us to reach out to more people. If you are on Twitter please follow us, retweet our messages and use #ESAW to help us get Essex Sensory Awareness Week off to the best possible start. Or come and see us in the Atrium at County Hall, Chelmsford on Tuesday 11 July – we'll be there for most of the day right by the coffee shop.

Essex Sensory Community

The Essex Sensory Community (ESC) is an informal partnership of organisations delivering services on behalf of Essex County Council. The aims of the partnership are to raise awareness about sensory impairments, coproduce local services and solutions and to ensure referral pathways between organisations are streamlined and effective.

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