ECL Clacton (Millicents) excels in Quality and Governance Assurance Assessment

The Older People Service at ECL Clacton (Millicents) is celebrating the achievement of an ‘Outstanding’ rating in one of the four QGAA domains – Customer Support and Experience, as well as ‘Outstanding’ in seven areas and an overall assessment of ‘Good’.

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Elderly gentleman sitting down in a red armchair smiling at the camera.

QGAA is a robust quality assessment process used to evaluate ECL’s services which are not required to be registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission. It consists of four domain areas; Service Management, Customer Support and Experience, Staff Support and Development and Site & Safety, which are then split into several areas. There are four available overall rating outcomes; Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate.

Recent customer comments are a testimony to the outstanding customer support and experience, wife of Millicent’s customer Alan commented:

Alan has settled really well into Millicents, it is nice to have some time for me and for Alan to make his own friends. Millicents has been a godsend to us, I can honestly tell you how fantastic your service is and how much it has helped me having time for myself knowing Alan is safe, Alan tells me how much he enjoys himself and I know he would tell me if he wasn’t!

Thank you!

The dedication the whole Millicent’s team have given to improving customer service and design since the last assessment in 2019 was most impressive. The service is a hive of activity with a warm, family feel that always makes it a pleasure to visit. This Quality and Governance Assurance report puts into written evidence the good practice that has been observed. This is particularly special for Millicent’s Service Manager, Claire Lee who has gone through considerable personal anguish over the last year, managing the service remotely through the height of the pandemic and made possible by the hard work of her team leader Theresa Griggs. To achieve this level of quality and service provision it all starts with great, consistent leadership - Kate Ferris, Older People Business Manager, North and Mid, has supported the team by displaying just that, enabling them to grow, become empowered and motivated to deliver a high quality person-centred care for their customers. It was also evident in the report that the staff team were key to Millicent’s Outstanding rating, with observations on how well ‘staff engaged with the customers and made the sessions person-centred’ and that ‘they knew their customers well’. I am very proud of the entire team and the outcome of this assessment is well deserved!

Martin Hill, Older People Business Manager, ECL
Elderly man standing up next to a football table smiling at the camera, getting ready to start playing.
Alan, Millicent's customer

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