National recruitment campaign set to drive a new generation of carers

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) have launched a national recruitment campaign aiming to drive a new generation of people to consider and apply for a job in adult social care.

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Collectively, the care sector have a responsibility to spread the word that working in social care can be rewarding, varied and worthwhile, making sure we have enough workers caring for people in need.

Care work is a vocation where you can make a real difference and every day really is different to the next.

Recent DHSC research showed that almost 40% of those surveyed who considered applying for a job but then didn’t, say that they did not know how to apply, while 12% didn’t think there were jobs in their local area.

Some of the best recruits into the sector are referred by our current employees because we all know which of our friends and family have the right values and skills to work in social care.

Over the coming weeks the Department of Health and Social Care’s new adult social care recruitment campaign ‘Every Day is Different’ will be advertised on the radio, outdoor posters, across social media and the internet.

In adult social care, no two days are the same because supporting people of different ages, with different abilities and needs, means making a difference in all sorts of roles.

If you’re the sort of person who treats others with respect, listens to their needs, understands their emotions, and is warm, kind and honest, then social care could be the job for you.

Many roles in adult social care are more about experience, values and qualities than qualifications, but you can still develop your skills with on-the-job training or formal qualifications.

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