Rise of the resting dragon

Undertaken by staff and customers after the idea of making a sculpture was born from working on another project.

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Adults with learning disabilities, working at Greenacre Garden Centre & Café, have built a sculpture as part of their Work Based Training programme within the grounds of the garden centre.

Having chosen a dragon theme, customers and staff worked hard to complete the sculpture.

It is now a usable item within the garden, currently used as seating which will grow and develop into an attractive garden feature.

I had the idea from the earth that we were digging up from another project and asked the guys [customers] if they could think of an animal.

They decided on the dragon after I done a few drawings. I then laid out the main shape and we all worked on it from then on.

Val Chapman, Community Care Assistant, ECL

Find out more about our Work Based Training for adults with learning disabilities.

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